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Corporate photography, also known as business or commercial photography, is commonly used by organizations and enterprises to capture product images and services and promote their brand.

Nowadays, commercial photography is getting more popular due to the use of social media in marketing. Similarly, this also means professionally taken photographs have become extremely important. Generally speaking, we are attracted by the stunning visuals and pictures more than the words. That is why the demand for commercial photographers is higher than ever before.

Different types of corporate photography:

Commonly, there are several types of corporate photography. Below are the details of each type of corporate photography for your better understanding:

Product Corporate Photography:

In this type of corporate photography, a product made by a specific company becomes the center of attraction. The primary objective of these photo shoots is to highlight the particular product in the best way in front of their potential buyers.

Generally speaking, product corporate photography is used to prominently showcase their product and encourage potential customers to purchase their product instead of other similar products available in the market.

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

Architectural Photography or Real Estate Photography:

This type of corporate photography includes capturing particular locations or spaces for business purposes. Companies and businesses also use this type to capture and display various architectural designs. The primary focus in this photography remains on the exteriors and interiors of various buildings, cityscapes, bridges, and other structures.

Moreover, the images also work as the context of a building, and you might see some people living in those places in the images.

Fashion photography:

A fashion model employed for showcasing a product is clicked by the professional photographer in this type of corporate photography. Usually, these photo shoots are done to market a product. Mostly, you will see celebrities in these shoots. However, firms also hire a professional model for these shoots.

Quite often, these photo shoots are performed in a studio. However, sometimes you might see them at outdoors. In this corporate photography, a photographer needs to expert in directing the artist or model and making them pose differently.

Environmental portraits:

Environmental portraits can be defined as the modern approach to business photography. This type of corporate photography includes taking pictures of people both indoors and outdoors. You will mostly see this type of photography outdoors as natural locations allow photographers to explore their creativity in a much better way. Besides, the environmental portrait photography style is commonly used by creative people, such as dancers, musicians, painters, etc.

Corporate Headshots:

Here is the most commonly used style of corporate photography by commercial photographers to show a person or product in an attractive manner. These photography sessions are quick and joyful than the other sessions. Being a professional corporate photographer, you will have to direct a person to pose differently in a limited time frame.

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