How can live streaming boost your sales and marketing exposure?

Thanks to COVID-19 most of us would have heard about live stream. The numbers speak for themselves – it is estimated that around 80% of consumers are more likely to watch your live stream than a polished TV ad or read even artfully written blog posts.

Live streaming is becoming a powerful tool for companies to attract new clients and build stronger connections with their current ones. To prove that this new trend is here to stay – over 68% of people aged between 18-34 watch live stream content on a regular basis. It means that if you haven’t tried this powerful and trending tool to communicate with your customers, it’s time to add it to your “to do” list!

Value Imagery specialises in creating powerful video content and work to help businesses to connect with their target audience, leading to sustainable grow in their business. We have worked with a number of clients across Australia and came up with more than a thousand ideas and solutions for their businesses. We are a video production company based in Byron Bay, but ready to provide video services in Ballina, Tweed Heads, and any part of Australia. We also do corporate photography and online marketing and are always ready to collaborate with all types of businesses.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is a form of communication using a video format. Explanatory “how to” tutorials/videos could be a perfect example – you can watch it real-time from the comfort of your home (or any other location). In other words, you can attend any event without being present in a particular place.

As we mentioned previously, this type of communication is getting more and more popular, and we would like to share the benefits of live stream videos.

Importance of video for business

As discussed above, video content is a powerful tool helping your potential client choose your services or products. Live streaming brings real life to the internet. Polished advertisements on TV or social media doesn’t have such an effect anymore, especially in comparison to raw and real-life live stream content.

Statistics show that over 66% of internet users prefer to watch video content in order to learn about products or services, rather than exploring website content or reading blog articles. Here we managed to discuss the biggest advantages of live streaming which may help your business to make a final decision.

Larger audience

When it comes to the internet – there are no restrictions and limits in terms of geographical location. It is possible to attract a much bigger audience to your event by offering a live streaming option, because more people may be unable to attend physically, then from their chosen location or the comfort of their own home or business.

By offering live-streaming options to your potential clients you also broaden your target audience. Most likely not everyone would be able to attend an opening event, meeting, sales pitch or a presentation of a new product. By letting them participate online you broaden your horizons and enable them to get familiar with your product or services and purchase it online or say yes to that sales pitch. We have seen an obvious spike in live streaming due to the COVID 19 pandemic, due to the tight restrictions and lock downs. This has also had a dominoes effect in business decision makers and organisations turning to an online stream approach for their clients, potential and staff alike.

Cost effective

It’s no secret that sometimes, to come up with a great commercial or a video campaign can come at a cost. Live streaming can be a much cheaper and more viable option (depending on your needs and vision, of course) and generate promising results.

Potential clients watch your content on your terms

It’s probably one of the biggest advantages of live-streaming – clients watch your content exactly when you want them to do so. It means that you can engage with the customers who are loyal and who care about your brand, which also leads to even a stronger relationship.

New opportunities to generate additional income

Organising a live stream event can open-up much more opportunities than you could imagine. Knowing your audience and offering sponsorship packages can generate your company some extra revenue.

Also, don’t forget to consider charging your clients or potential clients a small fee in return to the access to this live stream in the future. Information that you presented might be important and can generate additional income even when the event is over.

Brand exposure

Every business knows that showing their company’s logo and repeating a slogan a couple of times will not automatically build an army of loyal customers. With live streaming tools you can easily educate your customers and/or potential customers about your brand, values and basically communicate any message you want.

No limitation

Remember that when you organise an event with live-streaming possibilities there are no limitations in terms of how to expose your brand to your clients. You create your own content, and everything can be as you want – either personal or more professional, with more visual branding or more messaging in your speech – you are in control to choose.

Opportunity to interact with your customers

This communication tool is not only about communicating your message, but also about interacting with your customers and giving them the information that they want. Live Streaming can be a perfect way to showcase the culture of your company or to introduce your team. It could also be used to obtain the respective feedback that could lead to improving your business.

Value Imagery can help

The result of your live stream will depend on the time you are willing to spend when organising everything, the effort of your team as well as the quality of the content. Don’t forget that it is extremely important to have access to professional equipment to ensure that the quality will not disappoint your clients.

If you are looking for a company who can help you to organise this and work to guide you through the process – Value Imagery are here, ready, and willing to help. We have the professional equipment and know-how, so you can be rest assured that we will do everything for you and your business to succeed.

Working with numerous clients across Australia, the team at Value Imagery are ready to help your business grow!