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Drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. They offer a unique perspective that can be used for a variety of purposes, from mapping to photography to search and rescue operations. However, drones can also be dangerous if not operated safely and correctly. That’s why it’s important to have a CASA-certified drone operator. We will discuss the matter more in this read but first, let’s check out what is meant by CASA?

What is CASA?

CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, and they are responsible for regulating civil aviation safety in Australia. To become a CASA certified drone operator, you must complete an approved training course and pass an assessment. This ensures that you understand the safe operation of drones and minimize the risks associated with them. So if you’re considering using a drone for your next project or just want to fly, we recommend hiring the CASA certified drone operator.

Why you need CASA-approved Drone Operators:

If you are looking for a drone operator for aerial photography or to record a video, it’s advised to hire the services of a professional operator. No matter if you want to use the drone for personal or commercial work. Below are some major reasons that signify the importance of certified drone operators:

Safety should be your priority: 

When making a decision, you need to think about your safety. Keep in mind that only certified and licensed drone pilots know how to handle these places regardless of their location and weather conditions. Moreover, if you are hiring a drone for aerial and video photography, remember these things are very technical, and only a reliable pilot knows how to do that. This way, you can avoid any potential safety issues. Besides, your captured videos and pictures will be delivered in the best quality.

High Versatility and Less Maintenance

CASA-approved drone pilots have appropriate drones. You will find drones for all uses, such as drone photography and any other activities. Furthermore, when you hire the services of professional and certified operators, it means they will bear all the expenses related to the drone’s maintenance. This will save you some bucks while maintaining the best possible image quality and work efficiency that we all want in our projects.

You can hire them for personal uses as well.

You can hire all certified drone pilots for both personal and commercial uses. They are drone experts and can handle any sort of piloting task. Plus, all pilots go through rigorous tests to get this certification. The operators usually go through accuracy, safety, and various proficiency tests during the process. So they know how to manage things during the entire process, and the results will be much higher.

They are aware of the rules. 

Avoiding accidents while capturing high-quality pictures and videos are the biggest reasons to hire CASA-approved drone operators. However, the other major reason to hire a professional is that they know and understand all Civil Aviation requirements better than you. They will always work according to those rules. By hiring a professional no need to worry about anything, and you can focus on other related areas.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are the major concern when it comes to drone incidents. A licensed and certified drone operator understands all the current rules and regulations. Plus, a CASA-approved drone operator becomes necessary if you want to use a drone for deliveries.

drone operator byron bay value imagery

What to consider before hiring a drone operator?

Using drones for video shoots, photography, research work, inspections, and security is common these days; hence CASA recommends checking these things before hiring an operator:

Is their drone registered?

Keep in mind that drone registration applies to all drones, whether you are using them for personal reasons or commercial uses. If you or any drone service provider flies an unregistered drone, it will be considered an offense, and they will be penalized up to $11,100. Hence when hiring any operator, check their certificate of registration.

Do they hold a remote pilot license and remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC)?

Operators who have a valid RePL means that they have undertaken specialist flight training designed for complicated operations and using larger drones. Thus you need to check their RePL and ReOC before hiring any operators.

A ReOC allows individuals and businesses to hire qualified remote pilots to fly a drone. However, a ReOC doesn’t allow the ReOC holder to fly a drone by themself.

You can request a copy of their RePL and the ReOC to ensure they are approved for your particular drone project.

How we can help you

Even if you are following all the defined rules have the necessary skills and qualifications, accidents can still happen anytime and anywhere. Drones can crash in no time. Apart from it, drones can also fail, fall or break. This is why we recommend you hire a CASA-approved and certified drone operator. In this way, risks will be less, and you can finish your drone tasks safely and appropriately.

The drone operators at value imagery are CASA certified with years of experience in various drone flying tasks, including aerial photography and aerial video shooting. Besides, value imagery is also a Civil Aviation Safety Authority-approved service provider with insured liability. Hence we assure you the best drone experience with our certified and qualified drone pilots.

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