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A complete business rebrand for Ballina based manufacturer Kimberley Kampers.

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Kimberley Kampers is an international company specialising in high-end off-road caravans and camper trailers. Having been in business for over 25 years in Ballina, Kimberley Kampers was in need of a refresh. The firm went through liquidation in 2018, was brought under new ownership in 2019, and decided on a complete business rebrand.

Kimberley Kampers wanted to reintroduce themselves to the market with a refreshed business persona. A branding strategy that strongly aligns with their audience was imperative. The problem: no content, no creative direction, and an audience of thousands of followers needing to know that Kimberly Kampers was back in business and better than ever.

Our team at Value Imagery in Byron Bay was delighted to come on board to support them on their journey. We were contracted to begin a monthly content creation retainer along with the project management of their digital marketing rebrand.

With a foundation of tens-of-thousands of followers, the aim of this project was to allow Kimberley Kampers to unlock the power of strategic digital marketing. And by doing so, make their stake as market leaders in the off road caravan/camping trailer world.

Ultimately, we had creative freedom. The objective was for us to help paint a picture that would resonate with their adventure loving target audience, as well as their corporate culture.


Along with video content creation and product photography, Kimberley Kampers was going to need a complete website redesign, CRM integration for new leads and existing customers, and digital product brochures and manuals. We were up for the task!

We took the time to get to know the people and the vision behind Kimberly Kampers. One of the most important part of marketing, is understanding what your message and voice needs to be. Our team worked closely with the owners with regular meetings and creative strategy sessions.

We managed website developers and social media contractors. And we ensured a unified digital presence across their channels which strongly conformed to their refreshed corporate brand guide.

We integrated their HubSpot CRM with their new website to allow them to fully take control of their digital marketing initiatives. This enabled a more cohesive way to nurture customer relationships, both old and new.

Kimberley Kampers does not simply offer its customers off-road camper vans and trailers. It offers its customers a luxurious, comfortable, and secure way to immerse themselves in nature. It offers them a lifestyle.

And Kimberley Kampers wanted their audience to get a real taste of it through their digital marketing. So, our video production and photography team were put to the task! We worked together with Kimberley Kampers to create a library of breath-taking adventure professional videos and lifestyle photos. The best part about it all was we got to go to some of the most beautiful regional areas of Australia.

Corporate Video Production to the Rescue!

This complete business rebranding for Kimberley Kampers resulted in a significantly enhanced digital persona. A new website design, fresh and engaging video content, and a system to generate quality leads. Kimberley Kampers now has a strong and unified presence across multiple digital channels, with consistent high quality, engaging visuals. This has enabled the business to better relate with their target audience, boost conversations with potential customers and ultimately increase their revenue.

Simply having a quick look at the before and after of is a clear indication of how choosing a digital marketing agency can help your business. The website is polished. The imagery is captivating. With chat bots, lead generation forms, and a user friendly design, the customer experience has increased dramatically. The rebrand not only represents the professionalism of the company, but the quality of their product.

Digital Re-Branding Company
Digital Re-Branding Company

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