Remote corporate video production for commercial client Kimberley Kampers, on locations across Queensland and New South Wales.

A Business in Need of Lifestyle Video Production

Kimberley Kampers is an international company (based in Ballina, NSW) specialising in luxury off-road campers and trailers. After going through liquidation in 2018, the business reopened again in 2019 with new ownership. They desired to truly engage with their customers through a transformed digital persona and online marketing strategy.

In late 2019, they recruited the help of our Value Imagery video production team in Byron Bay to unlock the power of strategic digital marketing. The choice cemented themselves as market leaders in the production of high-end luxury campers.

A Video Company to Deliver the Message

In terms of a digital presence, Kimberley Kampers presented us with a blank canvas. But for the taking was an established following of loyal fans desperate for content.

What Kimberly Kampers wanted to create, with our expertise and guidance, was a library of high-quality “off-grid” videos. Engaging video that showcases the beautiful, remote lifestyle experiences Kimberly Kampers can offer you. They wanted to visually communicate their ethos, “taking luxury where you’ve never been before”, in a way that resonated with their audience.

A Byron Bay Video Production Agency
Our video production team were delighted to have the opportunity to pull off the ultimate “gone bush” brand video project. To begin with, we worked closely with Kimberly Kampers and got deeply in tune with their target audience. This allowed us to develop a production plan inclusive of location shortlisting, casting, and scriptwriting.

Once we had finalised the locations, we got to work on acquiring the relevant permits for our production to take place. Locations included Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Dalmorton in New South Wales, and Broadwater and Yuragir National Parks. To really “take luxury where you’ve never been”, we well and truly went “off-grid”. All selected filming locations were in some of the most beautiful regional areas of Australia… with next to no reception, power or water supplies.

At Value Imagery, our professional video production covers everything from A-Z in the production process. So, without any time wasted, the storyboards, scriptwriting, talent casting and multiple locations were good to go. Then it was time for the real adventure to begin. Kimberley Kampers, our directors, producers, 10-person film crew and a manifold of drones, cameras and filming equipment set off into the wilderness. We even organised catering!



This off-grid video production resulted in multiple full, 5, 15 and 30 second fully edited video clips for this lifestyle brand’s digital use. We provided these promotional videos to Kimberley Kampers in aspect ratios suitable for each social media platform and future proofed for TV commercials. What’s even better, our post production library now has terabytes of ultra high definition, 4k footage, to continue pumping out fresh and engaging content for our client.

Kimberley Kampers does not simply offer its customers off-road camper vans and trailers. It offers them a high-end, comfortable, and safe way to go off-grid and explore some of the most beautiful corners of the globe. Equipped with a library full of immersive, high-quality video content, with polished motion graphics, Kimberley Kampers was now able to do more than just “market themselves”.

They were able to speak to their audience in a language they really understand. They were able to show the taste of what the Kimberley Kampers lifestyle feels like.

At Value Imagery, our video production team can handle any project. What’s more, we’ll go anywhere to get the right shot.

Are you delivering a message that truly speaks to your target audience? Does your online video content engage and make your business offering hard to forget? Do you have big ideas for your brand but not the know-how?

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