The production of a ten part video web series for Northern Rivers food producer, Nimbin Valley Dairy. 

A Business in Need of Web Series Video Production

Nimbin Valley Dairy is a fifth-generation dairy farm. It is based in Nimbin, a small regional community of 300 people. This business specialises in the regenerative farming practices inherited from their forebears, as well as artisan cheesemaking. Another key feature of this Nimbin Valley Dairy is their content animals who, as a result, yield wholesome and delicious produce.

In 2018, they engaged the help of our video production company in Byron Bay, Value Imagery. They wanted to engage their customer base and target market. And they wanted to do it through video. However, they didn’t have the equipment or knowledge of where or how to start a web series on youtube.

how to make a mini series


The objective of this project was to create a professional quality YouTube and Facebook web-series. It was to be filmed on location in Nimbin and created to increase engagement. In particular, Nimbin Valley Dairy wanted to increase engagement with its market within the CBD metropolitan areas. They wanted to do it with quality visuals and a strategic web series as part of their broader marketing plan.

This business needed a high-quality, 10 episode web series created for them. It would need to capture the attention of and strike a note with the city slicking, cheese-loving foodies. There were to be five episodes focussing on making artisan cheese in one’s home and five recipes for meals one can make using their homemade artisan cheese.

At Value Imagery, we specialise in video production. We also have a highly-skilled, in-house team of online marketing experts. So, the goal was clear and our team was eager to get to work.


After going through an in-depth discovery session with Nimbin Valley Dairy, we had a good understanding of their business, products and customers. At our video production agency, we offer a full-suite service. So, we took care of everything from storyboarding to delivering the end product.

how to create a youtube series

Once we had completed the scriptwriting and our directors had developed an action plan, it was time to head to Nimbin to get filming. Our camera crew are equipped with some of the best video production technology there is. So, our customer could focus on what they do best, whilst we ensured their product and people translated to screen in the best way possible.

Upon completion of their web series, it was time to get the ball rolling with their web series marketing plan to ensure the newly produced videos were seen by their target audience.


This project resulted in a professional 10 episode web series. Our team at Value Imagery in Byron bay didn’t only cover all aspects of the production. We also got their web series up and running on YouTube and helped them get it in front of their metropolitan target audience via strategic sponsored Facebook posts. Our customer was now able to enjoy increased engagement with their audience by providing them with information of value through high-end video.

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web series production

how to create a web series on youtube

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