Drones provide an exciting perspective. Aerial photos can be used to get high quality shots that would otherwise be impossible. Consider incorporating aerial photography services into your visual branding to create a unique visual style for your business’s finished product. Hire a professional drone photographer today!

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WhY HIRE a professional DRONE photographer?

Capture Quality

Superior Quality from the latest cameras and drone technology allow for high resolution photo and video capture.  We can shoot in high frame rates, low lighting conditions, and at times when most operators can’t.  Our attention to detail along with cinematic movements will make your drone footage stand out amongst the competition.


Safety First is the utmost priority for our CASA Certified drone pilots. We comply with local laws and civil aviation regulations to ensure everyone’s safety during your drone shoot. You know your production is safe with a professional aerial photographer.

Fast  Turnaround

We aim to deliver all useable drone shots from your drone shoot within 48 business hours so you can start sharing your stunning aerial photography immediately! Digital and secure delivery via cloud platforms allow for easy access and sharing.


Drone Videographer

With our top-of-the-line drones and expert aerial photographers, we can help you create stunning visuals that will amaze your viewers. Whether it be for drones for real estate, commercial and corporate photography, or a magazine ad, drone photography is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and turn them into a potential buyer.  Consider using a professional aerial photographer company for your next shoot!

Professional Aerial photographERS

Value Imagery’s drone photographers have the required experience you need to get the perfect shot. Our pilots are CASA certified and ready to safely capture your next project. If you’re looking for a drone photographer near me, look no further than Value Imagery!


Affordable Drone Photographer and Videographers

Along with photography we offer a wide range of options for stunning Ultra High Definition 4k drone video. Improve your brand’s image or product launch video with stunning aerial video footage. We have pricing and drones to suite all size budgets from small businesses to large TV and Motion Picture productions.


You can amaze your customers with custom drone imagery that will make them speechless. We use the latest camera and drone technology to create stunning, high-resolution images and videos perfect for engaging with your viewers on social media and online platforms. If you’re looking for a drone operator in Byron Bay and the greater area, we’re your local experts in the air.



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