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Are you looking to make your social media videos more engaging? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people are struggling to create videos that stand out and capture attention. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to improve your videos.

We’ll share some tips for making your social media video more interesting and visually appealing in this post. So if you’re ready to take your videos to the next level, keep reading.

1. Build A Strategy

Before you start producing any form of content on your social media, we advise you to build a plan for your social media videos. Your plan should include audience research, competitor analysis, ideation, content scheduling, overall budget, and task delegation. These things will help you build effective videos that will make your social media campaign successful. If you have the budget, consider working with a professional video production agency like Value Imagery. We offer video services in Byron Bay, Ballina, and Tweed Heads.

Whether you want to enhance brand awareness, improve conversations, or gain new followers, you need to be crystal clear about your social media videos objectives. Above all, these things should align with your primary business goals. No time to take photos for you social media? Check out our Brand Photography service.

7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Videos

7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Videos

2. Keep Videos Short and Concise

Very few people like long videos on social media channels. This is why you should consider using short videos, as these are easy to consume while being valuable. Hence keep your videos short and to the point. Remove the excess parts and keep relevant and engaging details.

If you are making a video on a complicated topic, you can break your videos into different parts. Similarly, you can also make a series that covers the whole video instead of making one long video.

3. First Few Seconds Matters A Lot

Nowadays, the average concentration of humans is short, only about eight seconds, that’s why you need to catch their attention right from the start. The first seconds of your videos are crucial, and they will decide whether your users will continue to watch the video or move to other content.

Hence we will advise you to use thought-provoking questions, hooking points, quotes, strong visuals, or appealing music in the first few seconds. Similarly, include your logo, business name, or the product/service you wish to highlight so that users can recognize you immediately and get the purpose of publishing the video. In simple words, your intro should leave your users curious about what’s going to happen next in the video.

4. Include Subtitles

Video content has the ability to reach users from all over the world. So, there are chances that users who don’t fluently speak and understand your native language will watch videos. Using subtitles will be helpful to non-native speakers to consume your video content.

Similarly, videos shared across social media platforms will automatically start without any kind of sound. Including subtitles will spread your message to various countries and all users across the world.

Subtitles are also helpful for users who watch videos on the go, as those folks like to watch muted videos. Again subtitles are important and allow you to catch their attention even if the sound is off.

5. Natural Lighting is also handy

Lighting is beneficial for your video content. And the best results come in the natural light!

When you’re shooting indoors, try to shoot near a window where lightning is sufficient light. Using natural light is all about the right timing and deciding when to go for the shoot.

If you want to shoot in a cloudy season, we recommend going with outdoor shoots. Though some users will think that it makes the video look dull and gloomy, but the fact is gray weather makes the light softer and spreads out evenly.

6. Try To Use an External Microphone

Just like lighting, sound or audio are also vital for any social media video. If you’re shooting with your smartphone, the built-in mic might not do the job for you. In this case, your videos might capture sounds of vehicles passing instead of your actual narration. So, we will advise you to get high-quality equipment, including an external microphone, to ensure that you get high-quality audio in your social media videos.

7. If Video has Music, Ensure You’re Allowed To do so

Music is necessary for the success of your videos. It captures users’ attention, controls user’ perception of the brand, sets their mood, and also help you to connect with your audience.

However, you cannot use any random song in your social media videos. Before using any, you must get permission from the song’s rightful owners. Otherwise, you might get into various troubles from the platform and the song’s owners.

To legally use any track or music in your social media videos, you will need the Synchronization License from its original publisher as well as the Master License from the recording label. If you are on the budget, we recommend using the songs that come under the Public Domain Music.

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