Hire a professional video content agency to create dynamic and engaging interview videos!


Expert Story Tellers

Proficient understanding of your desired message is the first step in asking the right questions. Let us turn your next interview into an engaging story for your target audience.

Professional Video

4k, Ultra High Definition Resolution, Netflix Approved, our cameras ready to capture your next corporate interview in the highest quality. Let’s make your narrative stand out!

Quality Audio

Nothing is worse than a great video being ruined by bad audio.  Our professional wireless and wired microphones ensure your next interview is heard loud and clear.


Hire a video expert


Whether your business or organisation is looking to film customer testimonials, create recruitment videos, or tell your brand’s story, interviews are a great way to engage with your audience. Using a professional video production company ensures that the both visual and audio quality is top notch.

At Value Imagery we take the time to understand your vision and goals for the video and work collaboratively with you to achieve them. We excel in making the interview process comfortable and easy for everyone involved, along with bringing together all the best moments to convey your message and connect with your target audience.

professional gear

While you many not be intending to air to TV, our cameras are Netflix approved and will capture Ultra High Definition visuals, along with crystal clear professional audio. Our expert lighting equipment can handle any interior or exterior lighting conditions. Whether one or multiple cameras are required for your next shoot, or even a teleprompter for assistance reading scripts to camera, we have the gear to bring your messaging to life.

And if your business or marketing agency has stakeholders who can’t physically be present, but want to be included in the creative process, enquire about our streaming capabilities with a live director’s feed for your next video shoot.

professional video gear
high quality edits

HIGH quality edits

It’s important for any business to create a consistent look and feel across all of your videos to establish a strong brand identity. With our expert video editing tools we will help you create high-quality corporate interview videos inclusive of closed captions, royalty free music, lower-third titles and motion graphics, as well as access to our variety of royalty free stock footage libraries.

We take pride in our ability to communicate to our clients during the post production process with a review platform that ensures all key stake holders have their input in the direction of the final edit.


When it comes to making your voice heard and your message clear and easily digestible, there’s no better medium than video. A well-executed video can capture attention, evoke emotion and inspire action like no other form of communication.

Our corporate interview video production services are designed to not just record but to capture the very essence of your business. We delve into the core of your brand identity, bringing it to life with vivid imagery and persuasive narratives.

What happens when such a story meets the craft of experts who genuinely care about bringing it to life? It doesn’t just get told — it breathes, thrives and transforms into an engaging corporate interview video, one that resonates with your audience and leaves an indelible imprint on their minds.

Value Imagery — the leading provider of

Byron Bay video production


Many variables affect how much your corporate video will cost to make. The typical cost for video interviews with edits can range from $2,000-$10,000. We realise that this is a large price range, but that is why we ask several questions to learn about each client’s unique needs and how we can help.

With years of experience in corporate video interview production, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the unique dynamics of branded videos. We ensure that every corporate video interview not only carries your corporate culture but also embodies your values and becomes a testament to your business achievements.

At Value Imagery, we understand the intrinsic value of your corporate story. That’s why we devote our expertise, passion and dedication to ensuring your narrative is told in the most compelling way possible.

Our team invests time, talent and thought into every second of your corporate video interview, and the time involved can vary greatly depending on the variety of shots need, location setups, and the amount of people interviewed. We generally find that up to 1 to 2 hours are needed to setup and breakdown our equipment and make a plan of action.  Normally the Q&A filming of the interview process will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the subject matter and desired final edit length.

The result? Corporate interview videos that are not only informative but also engaging, visually stunning and effective in reaching your goals. Get in touch with us today to experience the Value Imagery difference.

Many times 1 camera can be sufficient for corporate interviews with a single person.  However, adding additional cameras can add a creative element to elevate the overall production value of your final edit.  Especially when there is more than one person speaking we recommend multiple cameras for camera.

We take pride in our ability to quickly turn around our edits to our clients.  Our post production process includes a 3 step, inclusive review process, with initial first drafts, 2nd revisions, and final approvals.  Usually your edit is ready within 1 to 2 weeks after filming.

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