Videos and images continue to be the most impactful way to communicate a message, dominating the digital marketing space. Many people will agree that seeing is believing. In 2019 and 2020 people took more than 8.6 trillion photos with their smartphones, ipads, cameras and other devices.

According to scientists, we are born with the ability to respond to effective images and act accordingly. In short – emotions are the main tool in everyone’s decision making process and good images and videos can be a great way to enable them.

So, if getting your message across through visuals isn’t already part of your online marketing strategy, it should be! But how to stand out amongst the crowd? This is where a professional video and photo production company, like Value Imagery, comes in.  But to take in one step further amongst your competition, a professional stylist.

We’re a professional photography and video production company in Byron Bay who have worked with businesses across Australia. In this article, we share a few of the ways professional imagery styling and production can enhance your online content (and your ROI).

A Fresh Pair of Eyes 

We’ll begin with the most unobvious one. Engaging a professional video or photo company is more than just access to the greatest equipment. It’s a chance to have your product or service viewed in a fresh light by an outsider’s pair of eyes.

Even if you are an amazing photographer, you might need a professional video and photo production company. This is significantly advantageous for developing an equal footing with that of your target audience.

Access to High-Quality Equipment

A good photo and video production company will have access to the professional equipment and will be able to create high-quality content. Offering a variety of different still and motion cameras, grips, lighting, audio devices and image stabilisers, your mobile phone will have some stiff competition.

Not many companies with in-house marketing managers are able to get the professional gear, so sometimes it’s beneficial to outsource someone from the outside. If you need corporate photography and video production services in Ballina and Tweed Heads, you may contact Value Imagery and we’ll be more than willing to assist you.

A Skilled Film or Photo Shoot Crew

A professional production team knows the ins and outs of pulling together all the elements of a shoot to deliver a successful product. Engaging a production company to create your visual content means you get the input of multiple skilled individuals who know how to get the job done.

Depending on the nature of your project, the production may include camera crew, production design crew, video production stylists, models, local photographers or even an international professional.

Years of Experience

It’s true that nowadays almost everyone can become a great photographer, but to provide stunning images for your communication channels – you need not only good equipment, but also years of experience.

An experienced photographer or a videographer knows the importance of things such as the lighting and even locations that would be highly recommended according to the clients needs. Most likely they studied these little details and can give you professional advice that you will not be disappointed in.

Because of their experience, you can be almost certain that no matter rain, hail or shine – the end result will be a success.

Professional Styling

Often when planning a video shoot or photo shoot, the styling gets overlooked. This can result in either a last-minute panic or a less than average result… or both.

And resist the urge to use family and friends.  Stylists, photographers, and directors work hand-in-hand to make sure every aspect, placement, and detail of image is how it needs to look.  We’re attentive to details that most overlook in the moment.

When you hire a professional imagery styling and production company, the hard work is done for you. From location ideas to make up, to outfits, to props, you name it. And this doesn’t only go for people.

Whether you need your staff or products to look their best, an experienced styling department can take care of it. If needed, art directors, personal stylists, makeup artists,  fashion stylists and other professionals could be included into the process depending on the complexity of the project. Even if you need just a simple style consultation – we will ensure that everything goes as planned.

Creative Solutions

A professional will most likely come up with some creative solutions or better angles for your shoot than someone less experienced. You can forget standard dull pictures and together with the agency come up with non standard, out of box ideas that will bring your brand exposure.


This is an essential part of the process of creating exceptional visuals. Any visual, whether professional or not, is unfinished until it has been through post-production and received the finishing touches only an experienced editing team can deliver. It’s the tiny details that turn a simple photo or video into a masterpiece.

You can be sure that a real professional will adjust things such as: noise, white balance, contrast, brightness, colours and so on. If you need any special effects – it’s also not a problem.

Consistency is Key

At one point or another, we have come across a number of examples of different images or videos of the same company that have nothing in common except for the same product. And most likely you will agree that it doesn’t look good.

In order to be successful your brand needs consistency. Clean, professional look with matching colours and design is the answer.

Wrapping Up

Your in-house marketing team may be able to come up with the visual content, especially with the software in today’s mobile phones. However, for videos and photos that leave a lasting impression on your audience, there is so much value to be found in engaging the help of a professional video or photo production company.

Guaranteed return on investment is one of the biggest advantages for a company to hire a team of professionals. They will listen to your requests, ask the relevant questions and very importantly, act accordingly. You can rest assured that if the quality of an end product is not what you expected or agreed – they will be able to fix  the issue quickly and efficiently.

Over the years we have worked with numerous clients across Australia – in an array of industries, such as travel, food and beverage, IT as well as health and well being. This has ensured that we have gained experience and knowledge within many sectors which only benefits our clientele.

With years of work and experience we gained the know-how, the equipment and the people to help you to share  your story from start to finish.

Do you wish you could breathe new life into your digital marketing content and feel comfortable with your content? With our knowledge, years of experience, a professional team and attentiveness – we know we can help.  Contact us at Value Imagery in Byron Bay to see how we can take your visuals to new heights.