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Video content marketing is an effective strategy that every business owner needs to adopt. This form of marketing will bring in more sales and is also effective when it comes to building your brand reputation. Besides, it is the more preferred option by customers if done correctly. Due to all these reasons, you need to create effective video content marketing for your business.

So, how will you create an engaging video that gets the job done? Below are five tips and tricks that will help you in creating an effective video ad. Have a look:

First Few Seconds Are Important

The start of your new ad is always important. You need to catch visitors’ attention in those first few seconds and prevent them from skipping your ad. Here we recommend you begin your ad with a strong statement that sparks the interest of your target audience. Try to hook them with your ad. If you don’t have experience producing videos, then it might be best to just hire a professional video production company. Working with expert videographers or video production agency is important to obtain high quality videos for your marketing campaign. Value Imagery is a trusted video production company that provides professional video services and corporate photography in New South Wales.

Moreover you can also address a common problem or ask a relevant question or share something in which your brand stands above the rest.

Often, you will notice that video ads are on mute. Therefore it’s vital to begin the ad with attractive visuals that inspire people to take an interest in your ad.

What Makes Your Brand Great

Tell people why they should watch out for your brand and why they need the product. Try to answer these common concerns in your ad and focus on what makes your brand different from others. Similarly, you can also share your previous accomplishments.

Never hesitate to show your track record, as it is vital for your success. If needed, include the user’s positive feedback. In simple words, the more you show your brand’s benefits, the more efficient your ad will be.

video ad creation

video ad creation

Timing Your Video Ad

Remember you are creating a video ad for your business. So it should remain an advertisement, not a documentary. The standard duration for most video ads is only 30 to 40 seconds or even less. Thus keep this duration in mind when creating an ad’s script. Our video production team at Byron Bay ensures every aspect of the video production is well taken care of including scriptwriting. Also check out our video packages in Ballina and Tweed Heads.

Having said that, if you want to use it for brand positioning, long videos are more effective than shorter ones. For example, if you’re telling your brand’s story that features a customer, we recommend a long video ad. Either way, it’s vital to remove unnecessary visuals and engagingly spread your brand’s message.

Tell Viewers Why

Your video should encourage users about why they need to prefer your brand over others. Tell about your offerings and why they are the right choice for use. Talk about what makes them unique from others, whether it’s a high value, unlimited warranty, or exclusive technology. In simple words, you need to provide viewers with a valid reason to opt for your brand.

Use a Call to Action

The primary objective of every ad is to encourage users to take kind of action. The same rule applies to your video ad. Hence you need to provide a clear call to action (CTA) through graphics and text in your ad.

In our opinion, it’s advised to include the CTA at the video’s end. For example, you show users how to visit your site to get more details and avail the discount.

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