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The COVID-19 pandemic brings new and somewhat never seen before challenges for all businesses. Most businesses have to deal with limited budgets, fewer resources, reduced workforces, less foot traffic, and regularly changing conditions. Despite of these problems, the pandemic has given various new opportunities for business owners.

During the hard times of social distancing, when traditional marketing channels might not be a great choice, you need to think about other marketing channels to market your business and reach out to your clients. This read will talk about how to market your business during the Covid-19 pandemic and stay in the game.

Focus on your existing customers

Acquiring a new client is never easy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, keep an eye on your existing clients, reward your loyal customers and offer them deals and incentives. You need to work on repeat purchasing, upselling, and cross-selling. Update your loyalty programs and try to engage with your existing customers through various channels.

Do you have a website?

When it’s about marketing your business online, a functional business site is necessary. Your business website serves as your contact point and shows your clients who you are, your offering, along with other details. Hence you need to update your site. During COVID times, your site should be ready for:

Ensure it is safe from hackers: try to create an online store or booking service. Similarly, you need to ensure that it is safe from hackers and has dedicated security features. Try to use a CMS like WordPress or Shopify as they have strong security features.

Ensure it is mobile-friendly: Ensure your site work and looks well on mobile phones. Around 50% of online shoppers don’t like to shop from a poorly designed site, and during a pandemic, we will see a surge in mobile shopping and ecommerce. Hence it is important than ever before to have a mobile-friendly site with simple and quick navigation.

Focus on SEO: You can use many SEO tactics to gain and attract users organically through a search engine. Besides, you can also hire online marketing services of any SEO agency to get the job done. While doing so, ensure that you deliver a smooth user experience and your site has a simple navigation. Similarly, it should load quickly and works on mobile phones.

Business During Covid 19

Business During Covid 19

Remain active on social media

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are at home means you will find them spending their time on social media, which can be handy for your business. Marketing your business online or through social media channels will be only possible if your business is active and functional on various social platforms. You can do this by uploading more videos and pictures to connect to your target audience. The more timely and relevant you content, the higher the views. To produce quality and engaging videos, you may hire video production companies near you and they will be in-charge from pre-production to video editing. Value Imagery has been providing video services across New South Wales such as towns of Byron Bay, Ballina, and Tweed Heads. They also offer corporate or business photography to help market businesses in food, lifestyle, and real estate industry.

Social media is also helpful when it comes to brand awareness. You can build a like-minded community, work with influencers, and talk to your target audience personally on these social platforms.

You can also use social media as a customer service channel. Monitor your social media inboxes and respond to the queries timely to reach out to new clients.

Start using analytics tools.

Analytics measurement tools are helpful as they show valuable insights about your online business and how users are interacting with your ads. Besides, you can easily identify who visits and who purchases from your online store so that you can adjust your marketing strategy. You will find various insights that will be helpful in the marketing of your business, such as:

  • New marketing channel. You can see which channel is sending more visitors to your site and their response.
  • Issues with your site like slow speed, navigation issues.
  • You can identify your top-selling products.
  • Common user queries or what people want.

Analytics tracking is beneficial in so many ways. Thus if you want to market your business online, you need to use these analytics tools so that you can review your progress and adjust your promotional strategy accordingly.

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