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There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful forms of content marketing out there. It can be used to create engaging, informative, and entertaining content that engages your audience and helps you achieve your marketing goals. But what many marketers don’t realize is that shooting videos in 4K can take your content to the next level.

Wondering why? Here are six vital reasons why you need to start shooting videos in 4K today.


4K Offers More Options

Just because you will be shooting in 4K resolution doesn’t mean you need to perform all activities in 4K. For most projects, 1080p will work fine. However, the major benefit of using 4K is an expanded resolution that allows you to zoom in cleanly, and you will have a much better source video to deal with.

This is useful especially when you are cutting to close-ups, removing jump-cuts from your final product. These effects are more common in single-camera interviews, where the camera shifts between a full-body shot and a close-up shot of the person talking.

4K is Sharper

Even if your finished product is presented in 1080p, shooting in 4K will provide a high-class down sampled image. Capturing tons of information you need will not give you an image that’s four times better, but the final product will be stunningly sharper.

Similarly, the chance of color banding will be reduced significantly, as most cameras record 4K at an extremely high bitrate. That means you will get more color details, and it will vastly improve gradual changes, such as blue skies or other colors.

Sometimes all the difference is in-camera. Modern mirror-less, digital SLR, and premium cameras such as the Sony RX100 VII shoot 4K with larger sensors, efficiently down sampling a 6K or 8K image to 4K. Some high-quality cameras even shoot a 6K video and 4K video at a high bitrate of 400 megabits-per-second.

Allows you to Stabilize Your Footage

Regardless of what you do with your image or footage, it’ll look significantly better if you keep the camera in a still position while taking the shot. However, often this is not possible, and it is also not possible for everyone to get expensive cameras. You will need software stabilization at this stage, a feature that you will mostly find in the latest editors.

According to some experts, software stabilization is not ideal as it stretches the picture. For 1080p shooting and productions, 4K source material will provide software-stabilized image and footage without any major loss in image quality.

4K Video

4K Video

You will not regret it in the Future.

We all know and understand how 720p videos are displayed on a 1080p screen. Well, your 1080p videos will look exactly the same on a large 4K panel. You need to upscale your HD videos for the large 4K screens. Some Television sets are better at this while others are not, and the larger display will worsen.

And this situation will not improve any soon. In five years or so, when you will watch your favorite shows on your new 8K TV with 16 times higher resolution, those 1080p videos will not look and feel appropriate at all. At that time, most of us will regret our decision about sacrificing image quality for money or storage space.


Storage Is Not an Issue

Another reason why you may not be shooting to 4K is its increased storage demands. If you’re shooting primarily from your mobile phone, the answer is straightforward don’t try to save these videos on your phone for a long time. 4K videos probably are the biggest hoarder of free space, so you need to transfer and store them on your PC or at any other safe place.

You can also use portable hard drives such as the WD Passport and Seagate Backup Plus for this purpose. These portable storage drives are also affordable, and they will serve you well. Similarly, you can also combine and use cheap external drives with inexpensive cloud storage services; you can easily and safely store your 4K videos.

Suppose you are serious about shooting videos in 4K. In that case, you will have to invest in a proper storage device such as a reliable network drive featuring a RAID array with timely online backups.

You Can Manage Hardware Issues and Limitations

Another common reason why people don’t like to shoot in 4K is the lack of editing and resources. Assuming that you have bought the latest desktop or laptop, then this will not be a major issue.

Similarly, which video editing software you use also makes an impact, and it has a vital part to play. Many Mac users like to use Apple’s exclusive tools such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro as they come from a reliable brand for Apple hardware. Generally speaking, they are more optimized for the hardware than other Windows options.

On the other hand, Windows users will need to do some research work and find the best video editor for their setup.

At this stage, you might face money issues. If you can afford a professional editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro with the Creative Cloud suite, you can use a feature known as proxy editing to produce lower-resolution variants of your 4K video files for editing.

This allows you to edit high-resolution files easily, and Adobe Premiere will swap your files with the 4K source files.

Even you can use older versions of Adobe Premiere Pro to transcode a single quarter or one-eighth quality in no time, which can greatly improve overall performance. However, for some users, you might face some problems in editing 4K footage, especially when you have an underpowered machine. At this point, you can use these tips:

  • Reboot your computer, then only open your video editor program.
  • Disconnect all external displays as they can tax your GPU.
  • Connect to a power source if you have a laptop for editing tasks.

When you invest in a new editing machine, it’s not just the footage that will make your life easier – but also have an ample supply of projects to work with.

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