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There is no doubt that video is becoming an increasingly important part of social media. According to recent studies, videos are now accounting for more than two-thirds of all online traffic. This means that if you’re not using videos as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your audience. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the statistics around video and social media, and we’ll show you how you can use these stats to help your business. Stay tuned!

Reason to consider Video content and social media for your business

Makes Your Brand More Relatable

One of the greatest benefits of having a strong social media presence is its ability to humanize the businesses and brands that people use the most in their lives. Not only does it offers your brand a likeliness and vibe, but it makes things more relatable.

Users feel easy with the qualified board of nurses, teachers, parents, doctors, and others. The same is applies to engineers, scientists, and safety experts.

All these might be the experts in their industry, but they are also human beings like us. And it is a human instinct to look after and support each other. And social media allows users to post and share our images and portrayals, plus we can also build a following of users and fans.

An excellent way to Promote Content

Another benefit of social media is that you can use it to promote your content. Brands and businesses sharing valuable content with their target market offer massive benefits that are hard to get from others. However, while doing so, always try to post engaging and meaningful content about your brand, its benefits for users, and what makes it different from others.

Don’t only rely on cool and catchy photos or videos. Think differently from others and outside the box.

Spend some time, and you can get many ideas to promote your business in the right way.

Generate Leads Directly & Indirectly

For most advertisers and business owners, social media is an excellent tool to showcase your brand and let people know about it. This introduction can give you qualified leads both directly and indirectly if done correctly.

It looks like an obvious thing, but often businesses overlook it. Thus you need to ensure that people can convert through social media platforms.

Remember that social media channels and platforms don’t work in the same way as they used to work before. We can say that the platforms have become more challenging to some extent. Hence, you need to follow the rules, instructions, and other elements while using these platforms.

Similarly, almost all social media platforms offer paid marketing that is beneficial for your business in many ways. However, if the platform does not offer paid marketing, it’s only a matter of time.

Nowadays, popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have gone through various updates and allow businesses to show their products and services in various ways. This way, social media sales are higher than ever before, and for most businesses, it’s not hard to get sales from these channels.

Social media makes things easier.

Social media has made things easier for users. I mean, it is normal to chat with your favorite actors or any other celebrity on these platforms. But, long ago, when Twitter first became the popular channel among film stars, athletes, and other celebrities, it was strange to chat with real heroes and celebrities.

But nowadays, this is a normal thing, and you can also utilize it to promote your brand. Think about influencer marketing!

Users enjoy videos more!

Videos have high demand on social media. People love watching videos and want to acquire information from the videos. So it becomes simple to interact with your target audience with videos, and you can also use those on your social media accounts to keep them engaged.

 social media for your business

social media for your business

Engaging Videos bring sales.

Videos can significantly help you to expand your business online. Below are a few statistics that reveal the results driven by video content:

  • Video enhances conversion rates by 86%.
  • Around 90% of users say that videos help them in their purchasing decisions.
  • Around 40% of shoppers worldwide purchase products after watching them on YouTube.

Stats about social media and videos

Around 55% of users know about new brands on social media

Social media platforms have become a new place to discover new and fresh brands, especially after the COVID pandemic. It has become a routine thing for most users to learn about brands or businesses on social instead of TV or radio ads.

Around 68% of users stated that social media allows them to interact directly with businesses and brands.

While usual marketing and advertising methods are simply one-way media, where businesses rely on their monologues to win their consumers, social media allows users to interact with the businesses and gives them various new and unique opportunities.

Around 43% of users enhance their social media usage to find new services and products in the last year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all businesses are operating digitally. This is why users find and understand the brands through social media. Similarly, consumer loyalty is also changed after the COVID pandemic. Now only one-third of customers follow and interact with the same brands.

Around 78% of users prefer to buy from a brand after a positive experience with the brand on social media.

Never undervalue the impact of a healthy user experience. It directly affects your sales. Whether that experience is due to top-tier customer service or relevant content, the benefits your business will get are indisputable.

Around 80% of businesses think investing in social media marketing and related resources is very important.

Social media has the power to make your business feel welcoming. On the other end, small enterprises can utilize this power to reach larger audiences and locals. However, if you don’t have the appropriate tools and resources, you cannot enhance your social presence and communicate with your audiences.

Around 1% of businesses will increase social media marketing budgets

In recent years, setting up a budget and resources for social media advertising is turned out to be the most important challenge for most marketers and businesses. Nowadays, almost all popular businesses have a strong social media presence with a dedicated team to manage social media marketing.

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