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Food photography is not an easy task, even for professionals. Plus, our social media streams contain attractive pics of lunches and delightful brunches that make food photography a big and serious business.

In this read, we’ll show you some handy tips to improve your food photography so that your food and pics stand above the rest. You can click mouth-watering visuals for any food magazine or editorial by following this guide.

Food Photography Tips

Use natural light 

Natural light is highly flattering, and it can change the entire feel and mood of your image if you adjust its light source. And if you feel that the light is not adequate in your kitchen, you can try any other place such as a bedroom, garage, or any other place with good lighting. Here you will need plenty of reflectors. Besides, you also use a white foam core or a binder to adjust the light.

Always use a higher aperture.

Your food items need to be crisp and clear. You can do that by using the higher aperture. Preferably you need to capture pics between 4 and 5.6.

Your photos must be sensible.

Having only a dish doesn’t tell the complete story. But if you use a fork, glass of water, and a napkin, your picture will look more meaningful.

Shoot quickly.

This is important as photographers don’t have much time when doing these shoots. Similarly, the food can wilt, dry out, or you might see some changes in its appearance. Hence you need to set up your shot before adding the food to the scene. Bring it to the scene and keep other things ready when you are all set and prepared. Remember, you need to take pictures quickly from various angles.

Only use a garnish that suits the item.

When clicking pictures, try to use ingredients related to that dish. Sprinkle them around the plate and spread them over the food.

 Food Photography

Tips To Improve Your Food Photography

Start clean and mess it up.

For example, when taking the pics of pasta dishes, click clean shots in the first place. And then you can mess them up. For example, you can twirl some pasta on a spoon, or break the served bread, pour a little sauce, or take a small bite from it. The same goes with props; start with simple propping, and then you can add to it. Remember, you can always add items, but you can’t remove them.

Take pics in odd groups.

When it comes to numbering, even grouping is not catchy than the odd-numbered groupings.

Take several images from various angles.

The best thing about digital photography is that you can capture as many images as you want from various angles. You need to utilize this advantage when doing food photography and recompose your pic on camera several times. Take several pictures and from various angles. When it comes to food, straight on, close up, and overhead are popular angles.

Keep tools nearby.

During such shoots, you will need many tools, such as tweezers, Q-Tips, towels, paintbrushes, wipes, and more. These things are handy and help you with crumbs, fingerprints, and a myriad of other problems that you might face during shoots. So keep these things in an easy reach.

Collect exciting things for props.

As a food photographer, you will be working with lots of linens in various colors and textures, salad plates (foodstuff looks much better on the smaller plate), utensils, and containers that you can use as props in your food shots.

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