A television commercial campaign focused on raising brand awareness for Northern Rivers based, Seven Mile Brewing.

Brand Awareness During Covid-19

Seven Mile Brewing is one of our longest-standing clients. We are also HUGE fans of their craft beer. Based in Ballina, Northern Rivers, they are a family owned and operated brewer specializing in craft.

Our team at Value Imagery in Byron Bay have been handling Seven Mile Brewing’s marketing since 2017. This includes everything from graphic design, content creation, social media, advertising campaigns and television commercials.

In late 2020 we decided to focus on putting together a brand awareness campaign for Seven Mile Brewing. With the onset of the pandemic free to air advertising was cheap and businesses were striving for more customers. TV Advertising was a great option with a massive return on investment.

TV Advertising is Still Relevant

The objective of this project was to create a Channel 9 NBN multi-month regional television commercial TV ad campaign. The aim was to build familiarity surrounding Seven Mile Brewing’s brand and connecting with its target audience. Ultimately, Seven Mile Brewery was looking to achieve an increase in both online traffic and visitors to their Tap Room.

Seven Mile Brewery wanted the help of our film and video production team to produce a series of television commercials. The commercials would run through the NRL Footy season and help drive traffic to the Brewery. We wanted to showcase their sincere and passionate focus on local, fresh ingredients and supporting the local community.

TV Video Production to the Rescue

After having worked with this client for several years, we already had a deep understanding of who they are, what they stand for, and who their audience is. This put us in a great position to delve straight into the nitty-gritty of putting together their Australian TV commercials.

At Value Imagery, your Byron Bay film production agency, we offer an end-to-end service. So, the team at Seven Mile Brewery were able to continue getting on with what they do best whilst we began working on the storyboards, scripts and casting paid talent.

Next, it was time for filming their television commercials. Seven Mile Brewing, our directors, producers, multi-person film crew and a serious collection of cameras and filming equipment got to work on filming the series. And once we had a range of quality video footage to work with, our editing department began working their magic.

It’s worth noting that getting content to air on Australian television isn’t as simple as hitting share. There are many different legalities and compliance that must be adhered to. At Value Imagery, we handle all of this for you. We take the hard work out of securing the best air times and ensuring your television commercials are produced to the required specification.


As a result of our work together with Seven Mile Brewery, we ran a successful brand awareness campaign with channel 9 NBN during the NRL season. The television advertising commercials captured the essence of Seven Mile Brewery and offered their audience a visual means of connecting with their brand. Following the campaign, Seven Mile Brewing reaped the fruits of their success. There was an uptick in visits to their website, more engagement on their social media channels and an increase of visitors at the Tap Room.

Whilst some may say TV is a dying medium, it is still one of the greatest ways to dominate your business’s market share with frequent brand awareness campaigns. Watching TV is something a majority of our population does on daily basis.

But there’s more than meets the eye to a well executed TV ad. Making sure your content is high quality, has proper colour grading, meets technical specifications and compliance clearances is vital to making sure your ad goes to air. We’re a full service video production and post production agency ready and able to make sure your ad gets seen.

Could your business benefit from the rewards TV delivers? Contact our friendly video production company to discuss today!

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