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There are all sorts of different types of videos that can help e-commerce businesses promote and sell their products and services. E-commerce video ads range from animated explainer videos, customer testimonials, demo videos, and how-to guides, as just a few examples. Which type of video is right for marketing your ecommerce business? Check out this guide to find out.

1. Product Video Ads

Product focus videos are a great way to make your online shopping experience more dynamic. Product photography can be boring, so it’s nice to have some moving pictures mixed into your digital marketing strategy.. You can hire a video production team to work on the video ads.

Furthermore, almost all Product Focus videos are visually driven. These videos are ideal for eCommerce businesses and add a new perspective to your product in a much better environment.

When it comes to the Product Focus videos, you need to consider these points:

  • The video offers a 3D view of your product
  • Demonstrates what your product looks when unpacked
  • Shows or highlights the product ingredients
  • Captivates users with an appropriate visual style.

2. Product Explainer Videos

Many brands rely only on in-store associates to attract and educate customers. In the online shopping world, Product Explainer videos do the same. Think of search engines as your virtual online store associates. Constantly crawling your site and driving traffic of countless potential customers to your ecommerce site. Search engines are the gateway to videos serving as your ecommerce store’s 24/7 customer support.

These short videos contain vital product information and show them in an appropriate manner that feels more approachable, and users will feel that they are in full control. For an eCommerce company, explainer videos are pretty helpful as they address commonly asked questions and key features of the product.

Similarly, including a product demo in a Product Explainer video also works as a proxy for your customer base and educates them about your product. In other words, these videos educate the users and make them understand the product and convert to loyal customers.

Personalization can be achieved by featuring on-screen talent in your Product Explainer videos. When casting, it’s important to choose relatable people, so consumers start envisioning themselves using the product and feel like they’re part of what you have going for them too. If your target audience is wide, you can test different featured talents or conduct even A/B test videos to get better conversions.

Remember that Product Explainer videos don’t need to be talent-driven. If it sounds good, you can achieve the same goals with animated videos or motion graphics or via on-screen text or voiceover. All these ways offer deeper and more detailed information about your product.

5 Types of Video for your E commerce Business

5 Types of Video for your E commerce Business

3. How-To Videos

A popular ecommerce video marketing strategy is How-To videos. As the name speaks, the primary goal of How-To videos is to help users through a step-by-step procedure about using the product. In addition, show the product in an appropriate way to help your customers to understand how your products or services can fit into their lives and what benefits it offers to users.

Another main benefit of these How-to videos is their longevity. These videos are ideal to use How-To videos on PDPs, and you can also repurpose them for other pages of your website, like an FAQ page. Besides, these videos are also perfect to use as Post-purchase videos, and you can use these videos to extend your content journey through email to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

If you plan to use these videos, we recommend using an on-screen talent to bring a personable feel. If you are on a limited budget, you can use animated videos or a motion graphics approach to show a complicated how-to process in a better and simpler way.

4. Unboxing Videos

An Unboxing video is another popular video type for content marketing an eCommerce business. It peels back the curtain from your product and shows exactly what will be delivered to your customer. DTC brands popularized these videos, and if shot adequately, an Unboxing video can improve your consumer envision receiving and using your product.

Unboxing videos showcase your products’ various factors and components, and you can also use these videos to showcase your additional products.

5. Product Commercial Videos

If you want a high-gloss video experience, you should definitely consider using a Product Commercial on your eCommerce business website. Broadcasting high-quality and creative commercial videos can do wonders for your site, facebook, instagram, google ads, and email marketing. You can place these videos anywhere on your site and social media platforms. Additionally, if you are working with a skilled editor, you can revise your existing product ideas and include fresh messaging or curtails their runtime.

A Product Commercial is an appropriate fit for your marketing strategy, especially if you are planning to launch a new product or you want to demonstrate your products uniquely. Product Commercial videos include a wide variety of shots and offer users a comprehensive snapshot of your product. Product shots and product application shots are mostly merged with voiceover or text to deliver a narrative-driven video.

When making your Product Commercials, ensure to showcase your product in its original and natural setting. If you are shooting outdoors, use the settings that you know and understand and help you to connect with your customer. Similarly, when idealizing creativity for products, keep your target audience in mind and shape the environment according to their demands and needs.

Hopefully these 5 tips have enlightened you on how to begin incorporating video into your ecommerce marketing strategy. If you’re interested in increasing traffic to your online store, decreasing your site’s abandoned carts percentage, and building a loyal customer base, reach out to Value Imagery’s creative team to get things started!

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