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If you’re like most businesses, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to sell more products. And if you’ve never considered using explainer videos as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that can help increase sales dramatically. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how explainer videos can help your business sell more products, and we’ll give you some tips on how to get started. So keep reading to learn more.

Why you need to think about using explainer videos:

Keeps users Engaged:

During entire sales, you cannot leave your users alone; instead, they should be engaged throughout the process. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using explainer videos to promote your products and services is that they engage the users instantly. According to various studies, if users are not interested in a video within 8 seconds, they will move from your page to others. While users may be disinterested in dull text, animated explainer videos gain the user’s attention and keep them hooked to the content.

The videos are simple to Understand:

Anyone can interpret the text and words in many ways, and your target audience can overlook or entirely miss out on your main selling points and message. However, when you tell a story, things remain simple and to the point, as videos create less clutter than words and stagnant photos. Using an explainer video to deliver your message means no guesswork, and users will know exactly what you are offering to them.

Explainer Videos are the New User Manuals:

To some extent, we can say that your text can easily be misjudged or misunderstood by users. But on the other hand, an explainer video can change your boring text manual in a much more engaging way, just like a talkative salesperson.

Explainer videos offer users a clear and meaningful idea of your products, services, and brand. In other words, you can say that explainer videos are equivalent to a frontal business demonstration. So in this way, these videos can be a part of your sales team.

Your Sales Pitch will be more Memorable with these videos:

You can also use explainer videos for sales presentations, induction, and training staff, and you can also use these videos for educational slideshows. These videos are also ideal for living up to all the data you want to convey to your probable clients or impart to your students.

Think about it in this way. PowerPoint can get crashed in a sales meeting at any time, which can be deadly for your business. However, if you use a 60-second explainer video to deliver your message, things will become more engaging and fun. It will leave your future clients wanting more, and they can understand your products and services.

explainer videos

explainer videos

Generates More Organic Traffic:

As mentioned above, explainer video keeps your viewers engaged from start to finish and urges them to remain on your landing page or business website for a long time. Besides, the explainer video also helps minimize visitors’ confusion and clearly provides answers to their questions about your product and business. Also, explainer videos have enough power to keep users on your web pages for much longer and ultimately reduce bounce rates.

Once viewers have watched the whole video, they will be more likely to move further. This is why your explainer videos should offer what the next step is, like purchasing from you, subscribing to your e-newsletter, or encouraging them to give you a call.

Build Interest in your Product or Service:

Explainer videos tell your users about your brand and its offerings. Users will know exactly why you love selling specific products or services and your passion for selling the product. Besides, the explainer video shows them why your products or services are ideal for them and how they will make their lives easier. In other words, these videos build users’ interest in your products.

Moreover, these short videos will never go out of fashion, and if used correctly, you will use them for very long to sell your products and services.

Users can share them:

Another great thing about these explainer videos is that they are shareable. As you know, these videos are often funny and highly engaging; hence, people love to share them with their family and friends. This means promotion of your brand’s products through these videos as people will share them on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Similarly, more shares of your videos mean more sales.

Relates with your customer:

If used and created professionally, explainer videos answer the user’s main concerns. After watching their videos, users will know “Why Should I buy this product?“ with a relatable story. Displaying your product/service advantage with an actual situation or a storyline in an explainer video can greatly impact users. When users can relate to your products, they can identify their actual needs or want for getting them.

It’s an Elevator Pitch:

Usually, an elevator pitch is short and to the point only about 30 to 60 seconds. Mainly, these videos introduce your business and focus on your brand’s value and offer. According to a recent study, if you simulate the audio and visual senses, you can easily increase your viewers by up to 75%.

Your pitch can help you to accomplish three important tasks, including Raising Funds, Building Trust, and Acquiring New Customers. However, many sales interactions happen in the virtual world, so making your elevator pitch through these videos can differentiate you from others.

Bring Personality to your Brand:

You might have heard that old saying, ‘People Buy from People,’ and it still works. A customer will purchase from a business that they prefer more. Using an explainer video means users can see your offerings and your personalities.

The lack of a face behind the online store can put users off in the online business world. An explainer video reflects your personality and makes your visitors feel they are not shopping from an empty shop.

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