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Today the world of product photography has become highly competitive. You need to do something special, different, and innovative to stay in the competition. So, how will you do that? Well, there are many ideas and techniques that can differ your pics from the rest. If you want to know about those, below are some tips for creative product photography that will take any of your pictures from ho-hum to wow!

One second technique

This unique idea includes clicking the pic one second before anything happens, such as when your product is about to hit the water or before something hits it. In product photography, this technique is used to show the product’s durability.


This is an excellent technique in product photography. Most photographers use smoke to give their pics a dramatic and mysterious look. Smoke also makes the pics more alluring. You can also use the smoke thing in your product pics through Photoshop or other editing programs.

Floating or Hanging products

You can easily add a three-dimensional perspective to your images by hanging products. Besides, this also brings drama to the pics. All you would need is a rope, wire, or line to hang your products, and then you can easily remove that while editing the photos.


Using a reflective surface in product photography is a commonly used trick. Mainly it is used to add to give a three-dimensional perspective to the picture and a splash of color. You can also shoot from various angles to bring out the best reflective properties. This photography technique can give you dramatic and artistic pictures that your audience will surely love.

 Creative Product Photography

Creative Product Photography

Product series

Grouping products is another handy tip that you can use when doing a product photoshoot. Using this method, you can add a number of effects to your product photos. You can also make your products ‘zoomed in’ and allow users to easily compare the other similar items. This will enable users to compare different products and understand their shape and size, and how they work.

Dynamic symmetry

For this simple photography technique, you will have to utilize different angles and props such as leaves or other similar things that create a pleasing symmetrical design in your product photos. This technique also works if you want to capture minor details for your product.


If used correctly, humor is another tip for you, especially when you want to gain the customer’s attention. Besides, it’s an excellent way to highlight the product features and relate to your target audience. 

However, be careful when using humor in your videos, as you might end up offending someone. Similarly, you need to use neutral animals or drawings in your pics. By following these simple humor tips for product photography, you can create funny pics that all will appreciate.


This is another tip that you will find handy during product photos. Photographers use several items such as sand, clay, snow, or even lipstick to produce a perfect product imprint. It looks innovative, and it also helps to outline certain features of products.

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